The Story

Once upon a time, curly and hairy were looking for gifts in the forest. They went into the woods but all they saw were trees. They went up the hills and all they passed were bushes of leaves. The went down the slope and all they found were grapes and berries. Tired they lay down on the paper fields of grass to take a break. They counted the cotton candy clouds that floated by. Buzz buzz, buzz buzz, flew by jelly bean colored bees that carried chocolate filled buckets. Excited  Hairy and Curly chased these jelly bees. Up the slopes, over the hills, through the forest and into the Gift Yard's house where thoughtful beezy bees worked to put gifts together.  

Gift Yard

Luxury gourmet food hampers with a premium packaging.
Each hamper is delivered in a lovingly handcrafted wooden
box with an elegant finishing.
Gift Yard is the perfect stop to pick up a gift for someone
worth impressing